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Remote Breather & Oil Fill Tanks

Venting your quick change rear in your hot rod, Pro-Touring car or truck or Drift racer can be accomplished with a simple fitting installed in the rear end housing. But these new Remote Breather & Oil Fill Tanks are a much cooler looking way to get the job done. Simply mount the tank in your trunk or truck bed and connect it to the quick change through the floor using whatever 6AN fittings and 3/8-inch line fit your style. The knurl-grip vented cap provides proper venting, and the tank also acts as a funnel for quickly refilling oil after gear changes. We collaborated with Mooneyes to develop a spun aluminum tank and cast bracket reminiscent of the vintage Moon fuel tanks found on hot rods, circle track racers, and drag cars going back to the ’50s.

The tanks are available in two sizes—4" and 2-1/4" diameter—and come with cast aluminum brackets with rubber grommets, and mounting instructions and a pattern for easy installation (hardware, fittings and hose not included).

4" Diameter Tank P/N SR9417
2-1/4" Diameter Tank P/N SR9416

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Sprint Hub Wrench

Tired of marring your Sprint car’s dust caps and over-torquing spindle retainer nuts every time you change your front wheels? Our new Sprint Hub Wrench solves both problems with one durable, compact, lightweight tool. On one side is a 1-7/8” hex wrench that fits most dust caps, and on the other side is a star wrench designed to fit spindle retainer nuts.

Constructed from carbon fiber composite, the Sprint Hub Wrench is stout enough to withstand the rigors of the pits, yet it won’t scratch or gouge anodized dust caps. And its compact size allows you to apply enough torque when reinstalling your wheels without over-tightenening the nut. They're a must-have for any well-equipped shop or war wagon.

Sprint Hub Wrench P/N 12904

Click here for a short demonstration video

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Boling Brothers Brakes

In addition to our standard drum and disc brake kits for hot rod and Pro-Touring cars and trucks, we're now proud to offer Boling Brothers Lincoln and Buick-style front and rear drum brake kits for an even more period correct look for your hot rod! The former replicates the handsome drums Lincoln produced in the late-’30s, with two vertical fins wrapping the drum. The latter captures Buick’s late-’50s/early-’60s radial-finned design.

Complete brake kits come with loaded backing plates, including wheel cylinders, 2-inch brake shoes, internal emergency brake components (rear brake kits), and all necessary hardware. The rear kits are designed to bolt to Winters’ Big Bearing Torino axles, making them the perfect fit for any Winters quick change, banjo or 9-inch rear end. 

Lincoln-Style Rear Brake Kit P/N SR9406
Buick-Style Rear Brake Kit P/N SR9407

Front brake kits are available for either '28-'36 Ford spindles or for '37-'48 Ford spindles, each with 1.75" or 2" brake shoes. Call for the correct part number for your application.

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